What to Look for in a Linen Supplier

what to look for in a hotel linen supplier

Whether you're sourcing linens for a hotel, restaurant or any other kind of venue, your choice of supplier is a crucial decision. Throughout your search, you should ask plenty of questions, discuss the details of your needs and verify the product's suitability. 

Aside from quality, there are a few other factors that you should take into consideration when choosing your linen service. 


Location is a significant characteristic to evaluate when deciding on a linen service — will you choose an overseas or domestic supplier? Working with an overseas provider often involves long shipping times, communicating across various time zones and customs delays.

Domestic providers can be easier to contact when you have questions, may offer site visits and generally have an easier time getting your products to you quickly. Which one is right for you depends on your circumstances and priorities. 


There's no better indication of a bulk linens supplier's character than their past. Look at examples of their work and research other projects they've worked on. Ask for references, check online review pages and contact other organizations who have used them before. A high-quality linen service will have a track record of excellent work and satisfied clients that they'll love to share with you. 

Turnaround Times

Delivery speed is crucial to ensuring your customers are satisfied and growing your business. As such, you should evaluate the time it would take for each potential supplier to get you what you need. 

Where they get their material, how it's sourced and how much they stock at once can all impact how quickly you can get your hands on what you need. These times generally vary from supplier to supplier. A reliable option should be able to estimate their specific turnaround times so you can decide how well they fit into your operations. 

Customer Service

Conducting business is rarely straightforward — orders get mixed up and shipments can experience delays — but how the linen service deals with these situations is what's really important. 

Ideally, they should have a dedicated and attentive service team ready to help you during the buying process and beyond, quickly answering your questions and offering suitable solutions. The right supplier will feel like the perfect match, going above and beyond to care for your needs. 

Choose Now Linens as Your Bulk Linens Supplier

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