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We offer cotton T-shirt knit rags, terry cloth towels, reclaimed fabrics, and absorbent shop towels for heavy-duty jobs. From body shops to service companies, our wholesale shop rags are durable, washable, and budget-friendly. When you've got a messy project, trust Now Linens to eliminate grease, lubricants, and grime with quality terry cloth rags.

Our cotton shop rags are suitable for your toughest jobs:

  • Auto repair
  • Body shops
  • Manufacturing
  • Service companies
  • Print shops
  • Boat Cleaning

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Durable Cotton Rags For Any Job

When you've got a big spill at your home or business, the simplest solution may not be what's best for your wallet or the planet. While it's easy to grab for a roll of paper towels, there's a better way. If you find yourself encountering one big mess after another, buying your wash rags wholesale is a great way to keep your personal space or workplace tidy. 

Now Linens is proud to offer R&R Textile Mills Pro-Clean Basics line of cotton rags, wipers and cleaning products. These cleaning products range from Tshirt Rags, Shop Towels, Re-Claimed Huck Towels, Multi-Purpose Terry Towels, terry cloth rags in bulk, microfiber rags and even Microfiber cleaning products. Whatever task you have in your home, business or work site, Now Linens has cotton rags and fabric wiping cloths to make tasks quick and easy. Never use disposable wipers again!

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Wholesale Terry Cloth Rags In Bulk For Sale

Replace the paper products you throw away day in and day out and switch to reusable and recycled cotton rags. You will save money on these throwaway supplies and lessen your impact on the environment. With wholesale pricing only available here, Now Linens offers cotton t-shirt knit rags, terry cloth towels, reclaimed fabrics, cloth rags and shop towels to get the job done. You can purchase large bundles or individual towels on our site, as well as microfiber towels and protective apparel. 

There are many advantages to buying your wash rags wholesale from Now Linens: 

  • Keeps your business or home stocked with more than enough cotton rags for any sized job
  • Helps your budget when you buy in larger quantities
  • Provides a more eco-friendly option than using paper products that get tossed in the waste bin after use
  • Ideal for tough jobs that would stain your nice towels, such as wiping oil, grease and paint and cleaning with chemicals
  • Now Linens will match or beat any price you find

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We recommend our White Pro-Clean Basics rags in the 2500 quantity. Our customers love the wide array of uses these towel have and the large quantity means customers don't feel the need to spend time constantly re-ordering new towels.

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Benefits of Buying Cotton Cloths for Cleaning

Tough Jobs Made Easy

Cotton and cotton blends are highly durable and stand up to the toughest of treatment. Unlike paper products or delicate fabrics, cotton is able to absorb and scrub without leaving pieces behind or breaking apart. You can use cotton terry rags to wipe up spills, clean dirty and oily tools, wash windows and fixtures, polish steel and more. You will find that cotton shop towels last much longer than a roll of paper towels, helping to tighten up your bottom line and fine-tune performance.

Great for All Kinds of Businesses

If you own a cleaning business, work in construction or you're in the food service industry, you know the importance of having clean and efficient cleaning towels. Towels can be used in a countless number of ways from ceiling to floor and everywhere in between. Staying stocked up on this essential tool is easier than ever with our 50-pound cases. Make your wholesale purchase last even longer with our Bale of 2500 Pro-Clean Basics rags, a super popular purchase.

Even more, you can throw these towels in the wash for quick clean up to make sure you’re set for the next day. If you need laundry services to wash uniforms, protective gear, towels and more, Now Linens also provides local laundering and delivery services.

Reduce Paper Waste

The benefits of cotton terry cloth rags and wipers will make you wonder why you bothered with flimsy paper products. Choosing cotton over paper will make your daily tasks so much simpler, and save you time and money in the long run. Notice the difference with our t-shirt rags or terry cloths. You can wash windows without streaking, or scrub floors and delicate surfaces without leaving a mark. Choose from brightly colored cloths or bright white to suit your needs.

More Eco-Friendly

Becoming more eco-friendly is all about making one small change at a time. Most of our cleaning rags are created from recycled fabrics that still work hard. So, when you buy reclaimed wiping rags from Now Linens, you're saying no to paper waste and yes to reused and recyclable products with less environmental impact. 

Grabbing a cotton cloth instead of a paper towel is an easy switch to being more environmentally conscious. Contribute to eco-friendly practices and promote reusable, everyday supplies!

Adapts to Any Job Large or Small

The next time you are stocking up your home, business or job site with the essentials, get the cotton work rags from Now Linens. Keep reclaimed cleaning rags near bathrooms, kitchens and other heavy traffic areas to make sure things stay clean and presentable. When you get our shop towels or terry cloths, you can also cut them into smaller pieces or altered shapes to improve their function.

Same Day Shipping on All Orders

Whether you're an automotive repair shop or a busy mom with a houseful of kids, when you run low on wash rags, you need a supplier who can help ASAP. After all, you can't count on a local retail shop to have the ability to fill bulk orders. 

That's where we come in. Our products are warehoused in ship locations in Chicago and California. So, when you place your order, we immediately go to work shipping your wash rags out in just one business day. We can even provide same-day delivery to homes and businesses in Chicago or LA. 

We understand that buying in bulk can be a scary venture, especially when it's your first time. If you want to see what you're getting ahead of time, contact us today to receive free samples before making your large order. 

Choose Now Linens as Your Wiping Terry Cloth Rags Supplier

There are plenty of linen suppliers out there, but few have the experience and know-how of Now Linens. We've been in this industry for over 30 years, serving both large- and small-scale operations. We got our start running a laundry and manufacturing business, so we understand the necessity for high-quality products that get the job done. 

Whether you're in the market for heavy-duty cleaning towels or high-quality linens and towels, we pride ourselves on outstanding customer service and complete transparency when it comes to our business practices. 

We know what it takes for your business to run efficiently — great products at a great price, available now. 

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Benefits of ordering from Now Linens

  • Excellent service 
  • Premium quality textiles
  • In-house manufacturing
  • Wholesale options
  • Fast shipping
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