Why Rent from Us?  Because we don't need a contract!

    Linen providers typically hold you to a long term contract and fight tooth and nail to ensure you don't break that contract.  Not us!  We only offer inventory that we produce and stock.  As a result, we don't need to set up a long term purchase agreement.  Instead, we need to setup your inventory level, adjust our internal production, and off to the races.  In the event you don't like our service, you have the luxury of just walking away --- No questions asked.  If you are wondering why we can pull this off?  Well it's simple.  Our Technology, Product Life Cycle, and Integrity set us apart....


    Our technology platform is built to provide transparency with your inventory and optimal customer service. At any given time, you should know what inventory you have on hand at both your and our facility by logging in. Further, if an inventory adjustment is required, our system is built to accommodate that change and evaluate why your replacement %'s are so high. We've partnered with Linen Tech to make this happen and ensure that your costs never spiral out of control. Further, our online chat or designated account manager is available to you 24/7. Our system is built to perform in an era of technology.

    Product Life Cycle

    Our parent company manufacturers textiles out of India and Pakistan for retailers.  Our US distribution center fulfills product on behalf of these retailers.  Our Chicago facility also recycles used products for industrial waste and market re- circulation.   Long story short, our entity services all components of a product's life cycle.  As a result, we can offer rental programs without a contract because every component of a product is used in our eco-system, no matter what!


    While this sounds like a given, integrity is the foundation of our business. It is the driving force behind our technology, product innovation, and company culture. You would be surprised - however, by just focusing on the simple concept of Integrity - everything else falls into place that benefits both your and our business. Why do we emphasize technology? Because that is a necessary tool to achieve transparency. Why do we want transparency? Because being transparent is the only way to effectively manage your linen costs. Integrity isn't just a word at Now Linens. It is the driving force behind everything we do.