Laundry Wash Services - COG

    Not all businesses have laundry machines onsite.  That's where we come in!  Now Linens
     provides Customer-Owned-Goods (COG) Laundry Washing Services to any type of facility.   We will pick-up the product from your facility and deliver it back to you ASAP.   
    Please contact us as immediately at for your custom quote!
    Here's some details on some of the products we wash:

    Towels and Napkins

    Towels and napkins require the utmost care.  If you leave a little bit of residual bleach in your wash cycle, your towel will be destroyed!  Don't let that happen to you.  If your laundry keeps destroying your product, chances are they are not washing it correctly.  We understand this better than anyone.  Our service includes washing, drying, folding, and bagging. 

    Linens and Apparel

    Linens and Apparel are tough.   If you do not use enough hot water with the proper detergent mix, the stain will not come out.  Our machines and staff are trained to see these deficiencies and re-mediate the program accordingly.  While we may not guarantee the removal of all stains, we ensure quality control and ensure you are not getting a bunch of stains mixed with your inventory.   Our service includes washing, drying, folding, and bagging. 

    All other types of items?

    Please contact us at or 312-267-1698 for all other COG Wash Service Inquiries.  Pricing on alternative items is dependent on product type and service scope.