Customer Owned Goods Laundry Cleaning Services in Chicago

    When it comes to linens, a clean, fresh appearance is essential to your business. In the service industry, linens represent who you are. Clean linens support your reputation and show that you take pride in presenting only the best to your customers. However, not all businesses have laundry machines on site. That's where we come in! 

    Now Linens provides Customer-Owned Goods (COG) Laundry Washing Services to any type of facility in the Chicago area. From soiled towels and bedding to napery and chef apparel, we will pick-up these products from your facility and deliver your fresh linens back to you ASAP. 

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    Linen Cleaning Services Here in Chicago

    Your business deserves only the best linen wash services available. If your Chicago-based facility needs help keeping on top of your dirty laundry, we're here to lend a helpful and professional hand. We use high-quality cleaning supplies to ensure a deep-down clean you can rely on every time. Our attention to detail ensures even high-end linens look spotless and bright. 

    We take the utmost care with our linen cleaning services, which include: 

    • Washing
    • Drying
    • Folding
    • And bagging

    As linens get torn, frayed or stained, don't just throw them in the trash can. Our recycling program means your linen waste doesn't go to waste. Let Now Linens buy your unusable linens off you — a financially savvy and eco-friendly solution. 

    Products We Wash

    We cater to Chicago businesses of all shapes and sizes. Our towel services are designed for barbershops and beauty salons, fitness centers and yoga studios, hotels and motels, restaurants and diners located in the Chicago area. From years of experience servicing these types of facilities, we know they all share one thing in common — they all have a lot of laundry that needs to be washed and prepped to ensure customers stay happy.

    Here are more details on some of the products we wash.

    Towels and Napkins

    Towels and napkins require the utmost care. If you leave a little bit of residual bleach in your wash cycle, your towels will be destroyed! Don't let that happen to you. If your current laundry service keeps destroying your products, chances are they are not washing them correctly. At Now Linens, we got our start in the laundry service industry, so we understand this better than anyone. 

    Three clean white towels in a gym

    Linens and Apparel

    Linens and Apparel used in the food service industry can be tough to clean. If you do not use enough hot water with the proper detergent mix, stains will not come out. We use industrial washing machines that can remove even the toughest stains. Plus, our staff are trained to see these deficiencies and re-mediate the program accordingly.    

    Two hotel beds topped with white linens

    All Other Types of Commercial Laundry Services in Chicago

    Towels, napery and chef apparel are just the beginning. We understand that laundry is a part of the daily ins and outs of your business. Our goal is to be your all-inclusive provider of commercial laundry services here in Chicago. 

    If you'd like to find out if we can wash your items, please contact us at or 312-267-1698 for all other COG Wash Service Inquiries. Pricing on alternative items is dependent on product type and service scope.

    Commercial Laundry Rentals, Sales — All Your Linen Needs Under One Roof

    A variety of businesses in the service industry rely on linens. No matter your specific needs, Now Linens has three different avenues to ensure you have all the linens you need for your daily commercial operations, including: 

    • Laundry services: If you've got a stack of towels or a mountain of bedding that needs to get clean in a hurry, you can count on our washing and delivery services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
    • Linen rentalSome facilities can't store or wash all the linens they need on a daily basis. We provide you with reliable products and delivery to make linen management as easy as possible for your business.
    • Direct salesAre you in the market for high-quality linens? Stock your shelves with all the products you need from our extensive linen collections. Your order will be processed and shipped out in one business day.

    Choose Now Linens Commercial Laundry Pick Up Service in Chicago

    Don't let your linens turn into an overwhelming pile of laundry. Choose Now Linens as your commercial laundry service and we'll pick up your products any time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

    Contact us at or call 312-267-1698 to find out how we can provide your Chicago business with the best wash services in town.

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