Protective Kitchen Apparel

With the proper protective kitchen equipment, your staff can stay protected and avoid harmful accidents. Keep your team looking professional and safe with customized embroidery for apparel and protective materials.

Benefits of ordering Kitchen Apparel with Now Linens:

  • Excellent service
  • Premium quality textiles
  • In-house manufacturing
  • Wholesale options
  • Fast shipping

Product List

Keep your staff protected and comfortable with our Kitchen Basics brand of food service apparel. Lots happens behind the scenes of a restaurant, bakery or catering establishment. Keep the team moving efficiently and avoid any harmful accidents or messy delays when you stay covered with protective apparel. Hot water splashing or scorching oven racks won’t be a problem when you have your Kitchen Basics polyester apron. And no need to worry about wine or food stains because our aprons are made to be stain resistant. Choose from 2-pocket aprons in a myriad of colors to keep your team looking sharp. We also offer silicone oven mitts and 100% cotton baker’s pads to protect hands and surfaces from high temperatures.

What to Look for When Buying Kitchen Protective Apparel

If you’re looking for wholesale kitchen aprons, potholders, oven mitts and other protective gear, consider the following:

1. Branding

Colorful aprons printed with your restaurant or organization logo look great and can help with branding and marketing. When your cooks and kitchen staff look professional, it makes a positive impression on customers.

2. Materials

Materials determine the quality of protection and the maintenance of your protective apparel. Look for materials that offer as much heat resistance as possible but that can also stand up to stains and frequent washing.

Polyester is very stain-resistant and resists color fading — a smart choice for aprons. Silicone is heat-resistant, making it a good solution for oven mitts, since little heat will transfer from a hot pan to the hand inside the mitt. Terry cloth is made from 100% cotton and is a popular choice for mitts because it can be cleaned easily. If you choose any kind of cotton oven mitt, look for commercial grade material, which will offer more heat resistance.

3. Coverage

Splashes, spills, burns and other kitchen hazards can happen at any time. Look for products that help keep staff safe while allowing them plenty of flexibility.

For example, aprons with pockets can help kitchen staff keep both hands free. Baker’s pads are another flexible option that can be used as potholders, oven mitts or counter wipes. They are thick enough to protect surfaces from heat and absorbent enough to clean up messes fast.

Wholesale Apparel Necessities

When you are purchasing inventory and supplies for your business, you know the value of buying in bulk. When you have more than what you need, you can be prepared for any unforeseen events or not require laundry services as frequently. Now Linens offers lots of opportunities to save money and increase the value of your business. Get sterile and pressed protective apparel delivered right to your business with zero hassle.

We offer the Kitchen Basics brand because it holds up to long days, dirty hands and helps you move quickly. Commercial and industrial kitchen environments trust the Kitchen Basics 100% cotton baker’s pad and terry oven mitt. The baker’s pad can be used as a larger pot holder or surface cover to protect from hot pots and pans. These are made from generously woven and highly absorbent cotton. The baker’s strap with or without a strap with equip you with a necessary tool again skin burns or property damage.  Let’s work together to keep your staff safe and resourceful!

Why Buy Kitchen Protective Apparel in Bulk?

Buying kitchen aprons and other protective gear in bulk just makes sense. When you buy in bulk, you ensure there’s plenty of items on hand. Kitchens are busy spaces, so when someone reaches for an oven mitt, you need to make sure it’s there. When you buy wholesale potholders and other equipment, you can make sure every part of your kitchen has the right gear at all times.

Kitchen aprons and other commercial kitchen equipment experiences a lot of wear. You don’t want your staff wearing stained aprons or using thin oven mitts that have seen better days. When you buy wholesale oven mitts and other items in bulk, you can rotate your gear and ensure staff members work safely. You can also wash items frequently and still have enough protective apparel for everyone.

Kitchens operate under strict guidelines and regulations. When health inspectors visit, having bulk quantities of high-quality kitchen protective apparel on hand shows you’re serious about safety.

Prep Your Business With Kitchen Protective Gear From Now Linens

Now Linens makes it easy to buy what you need, when you need it. Our stocked warehouses in the Chicagoland area mean we’re ready to ship your order fast so you get the protective apparel you need for your business. With our quality selection and price match deals, you get the right products at the right price.

Late nights and early mornings of cleaning and prep work are no match to Now Linens. Our linens and apparel are strong enough to endure cleaning tasks day after day without diminishing their appearance. Washing down your stations, drying cleaned dishes and getting set for the next shift are made easier when you have Kitchen Basics supplies. When you are prepared, you can thrive! Unite your staff with customized aprons, towels and oven mitts, too. You can embroider your business name, monogram, employee’s position or name onto the apparel; personalized details that help brand your business are small touches that do not go unnoticed!

You can order wholesale and get a large amount of protective apparel, so you don’t lose time having to wash linens each night. If your business is unable to launder uniforms, towels or other food service apparel, Now Linens can pick up your soiled items and drop off a fresh batch in the same trip. Stay prepared without doing the work yourself… partner with us to save time and improve productivity. You can even clear out your old, worn linens by selling them to Now Linens! We have a linen recycling program to help keep textiles out of landfills and allow you to tighten up your inventory.

Have a few questions about our wholesale kitchen aprons, potholders and oven mitts? Contact us today!

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Benefits of ordering from Now Linens

  • Excellent service 
  • Premium quality textiles
  • In-house manufacturing
  • Wholesale options
  • Fast shipping
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