Pro-Clean Basics Reclaimed Huck Towel
Pro-Clean Basics Reclaimed Huck Towel
Pro-Clean Basics Reclaimed Huck Towel
Pro-Clean Basics Reclaimed Huck Towel

Pro-Clean Basics Reclaimed Huck Towel

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  • Pro-Clean Basics  Huck and Surgical Towels are the ideal cleaning cloth for cleaning and wiping of almost any surface, including general machinery, equipment, automobiles, and windows
  • Perfect for janitorial services, hospitals, and industrial environments - Microfibers within the huck towels allow for deep scrubbing without the risk of harmful abrasion or leftover streaks
  • Lint free for less mess - Each cloth's soft material is suitable for delicate polishing and features 100% Cotton material
  • Machine washable and re-usable - Each reclaimed huck towel is thoroughly washed and sanitized prior to packaging

Why Buy Wholesale Huck Towels?

Cotton huck towels are extremely versatile. Because they are lint-free, they are perfect in healthcare settings and mechanic shops, as well as for any team's janitorial needs. Huck rags clean up messes fast, and since they're lint-free, you see fewer streaks and no left-behind pieces of fabric.

Foodies love lint-free surgical towels in the kitchen, too. So if you’re looking for better kitchen towels, try huck towels. You can use them to dry off produce and wipe down surfaces, and you can even fold them over multiple times to use as potholders. They can also be folded and placed under cutting boards to keep them secure while you chop.

Huck towels are essential in both the home and the workplace. They help you clean up any mess while saving you money on paper towels. You’ll always want to have extras on hand so you can keep these towels within arm's reach.

Why Buy Wholesale Huck Towels From Now Linens?

Now Linens makes it easy, affordable and convenient to buy lint-free surgical towels for your home or business. You can order from our linen collections online at any time and we’ll ship right to your door. We can ship a pound of towels or help you with large orders of 600 lbs. or more.

Now Linens works to ensure you enjoy very competitive prices. In fact, our price-match deal means that if you ever find a lower price, in-store or online, just drop us a note and we’ll do our best to match it. Our wholesale prices are designed to save you money even if you’re only buying for your household.

Now Linens has more than 30 years of experience in the textile industry, and we use that expertise to sell only high-quality products that stand up to multiple uses. Browse our towel collections today and order what you need for your home or business.

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