How To Fold Hotel Towels

When you own or manage a hotel, you always look for ways to improve your guests' experience. For many guests, the small things make or break their stay, such as the quality and presentation of the towels, whether bath, pool, hand or gym towels. 

The first step is to find the highest-quality towels at the best prices, so your guests can revel in the soft luxurious bath towels they associate with a hotel stay. Once you have suitable towels for the job, perfecting the hotel towel fold is essential to maximize your space and make it visually appealing for guests. With the right hotel fold, your towels can improve their experience, leaving guests eager to return to your hotel and recommend it to others. 

folding hotel towels benefits

The Benefits of Correct Hotel Towel Folding

Hotel towel folding is more than merely aesthetic. There are significant benefits to folding your towels properly and creating uniformity throughout your organization. Some of the advantages of folding towels correctly include the following:

  • Maximizing space: One of the primary reasons hotel towels are folded perfectly is to optimize space in hotel rooms and bathrooms. Towels should always be available to guests while still keeping their space uncluttered. 
  • Maintaining towel longevity: Folding and handling your towels the right way makes them last longer. Your hotel will save money if you replace towels and linens less frequently.
  • Creating the right impression: When people stay in a hotel, they want a complete experience and have specific expectations about the quality and presentation of their towels and linens. Neat and attractively folded towels create the right first impression on your guests, many of whom look forward to the legendary softness and comfort of hotel towels. 

How to Fold Towels Like a Hotel Should

There are various methods to achieve a sleek and attractive hotel towel fold. The one you choose depends on how you store your towels and whether they are solid or patterned in appearance. Some of the most attractive methods for folding hotel towels include the following:

Folding for a Stack or Bench

When you stack your bath towels or display them on a bench, clean edges are essential to creating a crisp, finished look. Follow these simple steps to achieve a flawless towel fold:

  1. Spread the towel out on a flat surface to avoid creasing. 
  2. Fold one long end to the middle of the towel and repeat on the other side. 
  3. Fold each short end toward the center, leaving a small gap to allow room for another fold. 
  4. Pick up one end and fold it over the other, creating clean edges. Smooth out the surface and stack the towels to complete the display. 

Folding for a Towel Bar

If you fold your towels and hang them on a bar in the bathroom, they should look fantastic and be easily accessible for guests. Folding towels for hanging is quick and easy with the following three steps:

  1. Fold a bath towel in thirds across the length of the towel. 
  2. Fold it in half, then bring the short ends towards the center. 
  3. Drape the towel over the bar, keeping the ends straight. 

Folding Hand Towels

Like bath towels, there are several ways to fold hand towels. The pocket fold is a classic option that looks fantastic in a hotel environment. Use the following steps to master the pocket fold:

  1. Fold the short end of a hand towel inward about four inches, then flip the towel over. 
  2. Fold about a third of the towel away from you. 
  3. Take the other end of the towel and fold it into the pocket you just made. 
  4. You can add a wash towel in the pocket for an extra touch. Use an accordion fold to complete the picture. 

Folding to Create a Rolled Arrangement

Rolling your towels creates a sense of undeniable luxury and maximizes your available space. This technique is often seen in luxury spas, as rolling your towels for storage means they stay tightly packed, making this method a perfect option if you store towels in cubby holes or open baskets. It's also an attractive way to fold your washcloths. Try the following steps for this more complex fold:

  1. Lay the towel on a flat surface and smooth it out. 
  2. Take one corner and fold it diagonally toward the center of the towel. The short side should align with the long side, so you've created a point at one end.
  3. Fold the towel in half down the length, and then flip it over so the folded edge is on the bottom. 
  4. Start at the short side of the towel opposite the point and roll the towel tightly until you reach the end. When you're at the end, tuck the point into the roll to keep the shape secure. 

Folding for Longevity

Reducing wear and tear on your towels is essential to keep your costs down and guests happy. Prevent unnecessary wear with this simple towel fold:

  1. Fold the towel in half across the length. 
  2. Fold it in half again across the width so the short ends are together. 
  3. Fold it in half a third time to create a wide fold that's easy to stack. 
  4. If you have limited space, fold the towel into thirds on the last fold for a narrower finish.

What Are the Best Materials for Hotel Towels?

One of the things people love the most about staying in a hotel is the soft, plush towels. Hotel towels are often different from the towels people use in their homes. They have a higher fiber count, so they are softer on the skin and absorb water more efficiently. 

To give your guests the luxury experience they expect, opt for high-quality towels with good fiber content, especially for bath towels and hand towels. It all comes down to how the towels are made, so consider the following carefully to choose the best material for your hotel towels. 

The best quality towels have better longevity and elevate your overall guest experience. To provide your guests with the best experience, consider a 100% cotton towel with a higher gram per square meter (GSM) so they can enjoy the plushness and absorption they expect. 

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