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Salon Basics 3.00 lb. Burgundy Hand Towel

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Our Salon Basics Hand towel is an entry-level hand towel that is great for budget salons. While they are not bleach resistant, they have good absorbency and colorfastness. Try them now!

• 16 x 27 Inches

• 100% Cotton

• Cam Border

• Reactive Dyed, OE Yarn

Using Burgundy Hand Towels in Your Salon

Now Linen's burgundy hand towels for sale are a great option for your salon because these towels can be used in many ways:

  • Their dark color makes them ideal for hair coloring appointments
  • They are a dark and elegant color, which may work well with your branding
  • These 100% cotton towels are great for clients during manicures, pedicures and hair appointments
  • These towels are absorbent and work well for clean-ups
  • These towels can be rolled up under a client’s head or neck for added comfort during aesthetic treatments
  • These towels absorb any product your salon is using

These towels are also great for applications beyond the spa. They make great towels for the home or for an office or business. Burgundy hand towels will work beautifully at your gym or fitness facility, at your hotel or guest lodging and in other industries, too.

Why Buy Burgundy Salon Towels Wholesale?

Salons go through many towels. You need to change up towels between client appointments, and one client may go through more towels than another. Even if an appointment is for haircutting, you may use one or two towels to dry the hair, another towel to brush off stray clippings and yet more towels to clean up spills or protect the client’s skin and clothes. Buying in bulk ensures you have enough on hand at all times.

Why Buy Burgundy Salon Towels From Now Linens?

Our commercial burgundy hand towels are made to last, even after multiple washes. We also care about your business and we offer low prices and a price-match deal to help you save money. Since we know you’re busy, we make it easy to order online and get your towels shipped to you.

Order today and enjoy high-quality entry-level towels with low wholesale prices. We handle small orders for households all the way up to bulk orders for salon chains.

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