How Do Hotels Keep Their Towels White?

Fresh, white linens have a powerful effect on people, something the hotel industry understands well. Whether you want to achieve hotel-quality cleanliness for guests visiting your home or customers who frequent your business, this guide will give you quick tips to keep your towels fluffy, clean and white.

How to Get Bleach-White Towels

Hotels go about whitening towels through several techniques, from stain prevention systems to careful drying processes.

Prevent Stains

Before throwing towels into the wash, the hotel staff will go through each one to check for discoloration. If they find linens with stains, they will set them aside for individual attention and stain removal. This process helps the hotel to catch stains before they damage the linens.

Strive to stay on top of stains when you notice them, and wash your towels frequently. As you keep up a regular cleaning cycle, your towels will stay whiter and fluffier for longer.

Use the Right Laundry Detergent

Hotels wash towels with mild or heavy-duty detergents. Mild detergents will protect fibers longer, while heavy-duty detergents possess chemicals to prevent linens from discoloration. They tend to avoid fabric softeners because they can damage fibers and reduce towel absorbency.

It's also essential to use the right amount of detergent. Too much may leave a discoloring residue on your towels, and too little might not clean away the stains well enough. One way to clear up any detergent buildup is to wash the towels in baking soda and vinegar. This mixture will ensure your towels stay clean and soft.

Dry Carefully

Many hotels have specialized dryers for their linens to ensure they are dried carefully. Other ways to dry your towels include:

  • Using a lower setting: Fabrics dried slowly will last longer than those dried quickly.
  • Letting them air dry: A windy day is a perfect way to dry your towels, helping them stay fluffy and white.
  • Drying them alone: Towels need agitation to soften fibers and remove stains, so wash and dry them on their own to give them enough space.

When you dry your towels properly, they will resist mildew and bacteria while maintaining their brilliant white color and fluffiness.

Think About the Type of Stain

Different stains have different cleaning solutions. A few include:

  • Makeup: Soak your towels in a mixture of chlorine bleach, water and detergent. Rinse, and then carry on with your regular wash cycle.
  • Grease: Cover the stain with an absorbent powder like baking soda and let it sit overnight. Alternatively, you could scrub the stain with grease-cutting dish soap. Wash the towel afterward.
  • Organic: For organic stains like food, use a stain remover with enzymes or add one cup of distilled white vinegar to your wash.

Let a Professional Handle Whitening Your Towels for Your Business

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