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Whether you're a commercial kitchen or a mom and pop diner, every kitchen needs bar mop towels. These towels are perfect for soaking up spills, wiping down tables, using as a potholder and cleaning utensils and plates. Let Now Linens be your choice for industry-leading textiles and bulk bar mops. Our collections are excellent options no matter your budget. Order your bar mop towels in bulk to save big and ensure you'll always have enough.

Benefits of ordering bulk bar mop towels with Now Linens:

  • Excellent service
  • Premium quality textiles
  • In-house manufacturing
  • Wholesale options
  • Fast shipping

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We offer some of the most competitive pricing on bar mops in the country! Just ask about our price match deal.  We are confident we will beat anyone's price on our line.  

Our bar mops range from light weight 20 ounces to heavy weight 32 ounces. We produce 2 different quality grades of Bar Mops:

  • Kitchen Basics bar mops: The kitchen basics line is made from value grade 10S and is compressed in a bale.  It is a great item for those that are looking for a the most economically priced towel (similar to what you would find in a Restaurant Depot). 
  • Kitchen Premium bar mops: The kitchen premium line is made from pure 75% cotton, 25% polyester 10s OE.  The quality is awesome but more expensive.  That being said - if you are looking for durability, absorbency, and pure brightness - this is the product for you (similar grade as to what you would find at Sams Club).  
  • ***Please note our Kitchen Premium line is temporarily out of stock.  If you would like a sample to see the difference, please let us know and we will gladly send one to compare the 2 different types of quality.  

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    High-Quality Bar Mops for Sale

    Now Linens offers high-quality bar mop towels for sale at the low prices you're looking for. We have a large selection with options for any bar or restaurant.

    Our Kitchen Basics line includes bar mops in different sizes and styles to accommodate your aesthetic themes and preferences. We have bar mop towels with a stylish center stripe as well as plain white options. Our bar mop towels with a blue or green stripe add a pop of color, and our gold-striped towels offer a touch of sophistication.

    We also sell basic white terry cloths in numerous sizes. If you are looking for lightweight bar mop options to wipe down tables, our 20-ounce towels are an ideal solution. For cleaning up larger spills, our 32-ounce bar mop towels offer enhanced absorption.

    Our Kitchen Premium collection features sturdy, 100% cotton bar mop towels in vibrant white. They are available in multiple sizes and offer the exceptional durability you need for your commercial restaurant. 

    Why Choose Bar Mop Towels From Now Linens? 

    The benefits of ordering Now Linens bar mop towels include:

  • Affordable prices: We keep our prices low to provide you with the best deals on the market. If you find bar mop towels sold in the U.S. at a lower price, let us know and we will be happy to match it or beat it.
  • Wholesale options: Take advantage of significant discounts on bulk orders. You can receive 10% off orders of 72 bar mop towels or more and 20% off when you buy 288 bar mop towels or more. 
  • Premium quality: Our bar mop towels are made from high-quality cotton. They are highly absorbent, so you can rely on them to pick up liquids and hold them without dripping. We also manufacture our bar mops in our own facilities for enhanced quality control. 
  • Fast shipping: We ship all orders within one business day so you will receive your bar mops fast. Our shipping centers are located in Chicago and Los Angeles, and we can offer same-day delivery to customers in those cities. 
  • Experienced company: We have more than 30 years of experience in the textile industry, with a background in manufacturing and fulfillment. We maintain efficient operations that allow us to provide quick service and low prices.

  • Order Bar Mop Towels From Now Linens Today

    Now Linens is your go-to source for quality-made bar mop towels at budget-friendly prices. We have bar mop options for any need or preference, whether you are looking for a plain, lightweight option or a heavy-duty towel with colorful detail. 

    If you'd like to see the towels before you buy them, let us know and we will be happy to provide free samples. You can request a sample from each of our collections for easy comparison of weight, texture and stripe details.

    Order bar mops from Now Linens today to get reliable cleaning towels for your bar or restaurant.

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    Benefits of ordering from Now Linens

    • Excellent service 
    • Premium quality textiles
    • In-house manufacturing
    • Wholesale options
    • Fast shipping
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