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Never underestimate the impact of quality pool textiles. The best pool towels are as functional as they are comfortable. Our hotel-grade pool towels are long-lasting, absorbent, and soft. Give guests the ultimate comfort with luxurious wholesale striped pool towels. For your added convenience, Now Linens wash services, provide full-service laundry for Chicagoland businesses and establishments. Never go without fresh, fluffy linens again. Whether you need towels for you pool, beach or spa, Now Linens is your pristine pool towel supplier.

Benefits of ordering Pool Towels in Bulk with Now Linens:

  • Excellent service
  • Premium quality textiles
  • In-house manufacturing
  • Wholesale options
  • Fast shipping

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Shop High-Quality Pool Towels

Pool towels may be overlooked assets in the hospitality and wellness industries, but the quality of your towels speaks volumes to guests about the quality of your business. When you have a guest pool in your facility, simply having enough towels isn't enough — paying customers want absorbent, soft and warm towels that offer maximum comfort and functionality.

At Now Linens, we offer high-quality wholesale pool towels that will give your guests the luxury and warmth they expect from an upscale hotel. Our selection of wholesale striped pool towels prove superior to other brands when it comes to value. Unlike most brands, we even offer Resort Lounge Chair Covers to add that extra sense of luxury and quality to your resort or pool area. Aesthetically pleasing and incredibly soft to the touch, our bulk pool towels are the right solution for facilities looking for a fantastic deal.

Why Buy Wholesale Pool Towels?

When you're in charge of a pool or spa area at a hotel or wellness facility, you need to make sure you have plenty of industry-standard pool towels available for use. The last thing you want for your pool or spa is a towel shortage, which results in less-than-pleased guests tracking water where you don't need it. Prevent this scenario by investing in bulk pool towels from a trusted company like Now Linens.

Buying wholesale pool towels saves businesses money, time and stress. When you buy our towels in bulk, you have fewer shipments to pay for and handle, and goods tend to be less expensive overall when bought in bulk quantities. With fewer shipping fees and less frequent orders, purchasing bulk striped pool towels from Now Linens provides your guests with premium towels with economical efficiency.

To ensure that you're giving your guests the best quality pool towels, buying wholesale is the way to go. Wholesale purchases eliminate third party retailers, which means better pricing and the ability to work directly with the manufacturer. When you have questions or concerns about your wholesale pool towels, you can reach out to us about your purchase without jumping through hoops.

Comfort and Luxury With Bulk Striped Pool Towels

Our wholesale striped pool towels offer the ultimate experience in comfortable absorbency. These hotel-grade towels are made from long-lasting, durable cotton that stays soft even after many washes. Our striped towels offer the following important advantages for hotels and resorts: 

  • Moisture-wicking material: Our striped pool towels feature incredibly absorbent cotton to help your guests dry off quickly and comfortably.
  • Soft feel: Our striped towels offer the softness and warmth that everyone loves after a dip in the pool.
  • Long-lasting design: These cotton pool towels are durable enough to feel as good as new even after multiple washes.
  • Affordable purchasing options: You can buy these towels in bulk at wholesale prices and save thousands of dollars over time. 

Purchase Wholesale Striped Pool Towels From Now Linens

We carry a wide range of pool towels!  From Cabana Stripe to economy grade 10s OE center stripe pool towels - we have everything you need for your facility!

To learn more about our products, purchasing and shipping options, reach out to our knowledgeable team of experts today!

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Benefits of ordering from Now Linens

  • Excellent service 
  • Premium quality textiles
  • In-house manufacturing
  • Wholesale options
  • Fast shipping
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