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Towels, aprons, napkins and more — your restaurant linens play a significant role in how your business is run every day. Managing a linen rental program for restaurants is tough! We understand that. If you are tired of being overcharged by your local Chicago linen provider or dealing with constant delivery issues, you've come to the right place. 

The Restaurant Linen Rental Program at Now Linens is designed specifically to help you save money and make life easier for your Chicago-based restaurant! 

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Restaurant Linen Rentals and Laundry Service

Your restaurant’s tablecloths, napkins and towels must be of the best quality to ensure your patrons know the sophisticated service they should expect. Finding a reliable linen and laundry services supplier will make it easier for you to focus on preparing delicious food and maintaining an attentive atmosphere.

At Now Linens, our affordable supply services cover everything you need to ensure your only concern is your restaurant’s operation.

Restaurant Linen Supplies We Offer

With years of experience serving the restaurant industry, we understand the importance of having reliable and quality linens on hand. To help keep stocked and prepared, we offer an array of rental products to keep your team and your dining room looking clean and uniform. Our selections include chef’s aprons, apparel, dish towels, napkins, tablecloths and even cleaning supplies. Now Linens is here to help with all of your restaurant linen needs.

Dish Towels

Our absorbent restaurant-quality dish towels will take care of any spill and keep food off your restaurant’s tables and countertops, preventing potential contamination and unsightly messes. Made from high-grade linen, you can rest assured that your work surfaces are protected from messes.

Tablecloths and Napkins 

Your patrons will feel pampered with our luxury tablecloths. They can dine on confidently with our napkins, which offer a soft feel and elegant appearance. Our napkins and tablecloths come in a wide assortment of colors, so you can choose the perfect option to match your dining room's décor. 

    *******See below for a full list of the napkin and table cloth colors we have on hand (and feel free to ask for a free swatch book).  

    Different colors of tablecloths and napkins

    Chef Aprons and Apparel

    Hygienic and clean, our chef apparel comes in various sizes to suit your kitchen staff. The linen is bright white for a clean and stylish look. With our laundry services, we'll ensure your aprons and apparel stay as white as the day you bought them.

    Cleaning Supplies

    Keep your establishment free from potential contamination and clean for your customers. Our hand sanitizers ensure your employees stay clean while making your restaurant's delicious food.

    Why You Should Use Our Restaurant Linen Services

    We offer you the best service, including fully transparent competitive pricing made possible by our efficient inventory management system. Since we manufacture our products in-house, our ordering and delivery processes are easy and reliable. You can count on 24-hour availability with same-day delivery for Chicago residents and two-day delivery for the rest of the U.S.

    We also offer:

    • Linen rentals: Gain full access to the line you need for your restaurant for as long as you need it and simply return it when you’re done. No washing or maintenance is necessary from your side.
    • Wash services: We offer you complete cleaning and washing services for your customer-owned goods (COGs) with our 24/7 laundering service.
    • Direct sales: Eliminate extensive searches for your restaurant supplies by purchasing everything you need on our website. We're confident that you will love our high-quality products and come back for more!
    • No contractual obligations: We give you the freedom to use our services without being bound by lengthy contract terms. We're confident that our service quality is so outstanding you won't want to switch!

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    Your Chicago-based restaurant deserves to be stocked with only the best. Get the tablecloth linen you need to make your patrons comfortable and dress your staff in the uniforms and aprons they need to represent your establishment with pride.

    Contact Now Linens today for more information on our rental and laundering services to set your restaurant apart!