Benefits of Buying Wholesale Towels

Industries like spas, restaurants, gyms, hotels and salons go through a large number of towels. As fast as customers use linens, the locations need to replenish them. Instead of purchasing new towels at a retail store, it's helpful to learn the benefits of buying towels in bulk. Many factors influence a company's decision to buy wholesale towels, and it's important to find a wholesale towel distributor that carries high-quality products for your business.

Should I Buy Towels in Bulk?

Purchasing towels in bulk is a smart choice for a variety of businesses. You want to provide your customers with high-quality towels, but you don't want to spend a substantial amount of money. You should buy your company's towels in bulk to get excellent linens at a reasonable price.

So why should you buy wholesale towels? Consider these seven factors when your company buys linens in bulk:

  1. Material: Wholesale towel companies offer a wide selection of linens in an array of materials. Materials vary for different uses, industries and absorbencies. The most common towel material you'll see is cotton, which creates soft and luxurious products. Another common material is terry cloth, which has excellent absorbency.
  2. Sizes: Buying towels wholesale means you'll be able to purchase the exact size you need for your company in large quantities. The right size is as vital as the material. You can browse through different sizes of bath towels, hand towels and other sizes.
  3. Weight and absorbency: A towel's weight can correlate with its absorbency. Purchasing towels wholesale means you can find the right absorbency and weight for your industry and application.
  4. Durability: When you shop for your towels in bulk, you can make sure you purchase durable and long-lasting linens. Durability is key for these products. Your customers or guests can appreciate high-quality towels that stand up to numerous uses and washes.
  5. Colors: Your brand is essential to your business, and all of your materials should align with your company's brand. Buying wholesale towels means you can choose from various colors to match your company's colors and style. And with bulk quantities, your towels will be consistent throughout your business.
  6. Quality: You want the best for your customers, and your towels' quality is critical to your business. Wholesale towel distributors offer a variety of linens with high quality levels. You can determine a towel's quality by the weight, absorbency, material and other factors.
  7. Quantity: When you purchase wholesale towels, you get a large quantity for a great price. Buying through a wholesaler with bulk purchase options helps decrease your spending per towel.

Can Buying Wholesale Towels Save Money?

When you're trying to stay on top of finances for your business, purchasing items from wholesalers is a great way to save money.

Purchasing towels in bulk is significantly less expensive than going to a retail store. If your company wants to save money long-term, consider the advantages of buying wholesale towels:

  • You'll receive a lower price per unit: Buying wholesale towels primarily saves you money because the cost per linen is lower than when you purchase individual ones.
  • Your stock of towels will be abundant: No matter your industry, you'll have plenty of linens to launder every day. You want a backup supply of clean towels to offer your clients when other linens are in the wash, and wholesale quantities help you achieve that. An abundant stock of towels saves money on making replacements, and it can help your business gain a positive reputation with customers.
  • You won't have to purchase as often: Buying bulk quantities of towels is more cost-effective than going to the store and buying a few towels as you need them. Not having to purchase linens as often will save you time and money.

High-quality towels will last you a long time, and they'll last even longer when you take care of them and wash them properly, saving you even more money. 

Which Type of Towel Is Best for Your Industry?

Different applications require certain linens. A towel you would use at the gym isn't the same one you would find at a spa or salon.

What's the best towel type for your industry? Follow these tips for buying wholesale towels and see what kind you should purchase for your business.


When you purchase towels for a restaurant or bar, you want something absorbent to soak up any spills efficiently. Bar mop towels are ideal for restaurants or bars. Made from high-quality cotton or terry cloth, these towels are essential to cleaning up spills and crumbs in a restaurant. And because the food service industry is constantly cleaning up after customers and in kitchens, bulk towels maintain a clean supply of linens.


Hotels can use a variety of different linens, like bath towels, hand towels and pool towels. Hotel towels are perfect to buy in bulk. Guests can go through towels fairly quickly, so it's important to have an ample stock of linens ready to go. Purchasing wholesale towels can save a significant amount of money for large chains and small independent hotels alike.


When your members come to the gym, they can look forward to a nice towel to wipe off equipment or use after working out. Buying gym towels in bulk is an affordable way to get high-quality linens for your members to use during their workouts. You'll then have a large supply of backups to replenish your linens as you launder others.


If you're in the salon and beauty industry, you work closely with clients every day. Your job is to make customers feel comfortable, and having excellent towels can provide quality care for your customers. Salon towels help effectively dry hair or clean up at the end of the day. Salon and spa towels are soft to the touch, and when you order in bulk, you get consistent color and quality.

Shop for Towels in Bulk at Now Linens

Buying bulk towels gives you plenty of linens to have in stock for your guests or customers. If you've gone to a retailer and noticed high towel prices or they didn't have the exact towels you needed in stock, shop with a wholesale towel distributor.

If you're looking to purchase wholesale towels, Now Linens offers high-quality products for a variety of industries. Our linens and towels are durable and won't break your budget. If you're looking to buy towels in bulk, we provide a wide selection in different materials and sizes.

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