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Towels are a necessity for beauticians and barbers. From cleaning messes to drying hair, you need cotton towels that are flexible and durable. If you’re a barber or hair stylist, you need the right equipment to keep your clients comfortable. High quality and ultra-absorbent cotton salon hand & hair towels from Now Linens can do that and more! Explore our bulk salon towel options at unbeatable prices.

Benefits of ordering Salon Towels with Now Linens:

  • Excellent service
  • Premium quality textiles
  • In-house manufacturing
  • Wholesale Beauty salon towel options
  • Fast shipping

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Buy Your Wholesale Salon Towels From Now Linens

The salon experience requires a lot from the business owners and the health and beauty specialists working there. When you work directly with skin or hair, it is most important to make the client feel comfortable and clean during their treatments. Hand and cotton towels are used for almost each and every service performed. So, the best route to save time and money is reusable cotton towels. 

The salon towels from Now Linens are 100% cotton and perfect for cleaning up at the end of the day or to dry or cover your client. Our salon towels are soft to the touch and won’t be abrasive on the skin. You can use these towels in hot water or cold water and the color and size stay true. Our salon towels come in a variety of colors including green, burgundy, navy, brown, pink, and black.

Whether you own a hair salon, barbershop or nail boutique, you need a large number of durable salon towels standing by each day. Ordering your towels in bulk from Now Linens ensures you have the best quality towels at the best price for all your business needs. 

Choose from our variety of modern colors or check out our catalog below for even more selections.

Not sure what to choose? Some of our most popular selections are our black, brown, and navy colored salon towels. You can't go wrong with either of these three towels, as they complement just about any salon and go with just about any decor style.

Absorbent and Soft Salon Towels for Sale

You need salon towels that will soak up water and keep clients protected from hair or skin products. During a week of services, you could potentially use hundreds of cotton towels. That is a lot of laundry to keep up with. When you buy wholesale salon towels from Now Linens, you get great quality towels while spending less time and money stocking your business. 

Salon hand towels aren’t just for the staff to use! Keep hand towels neatly folded or rolled up in a stylish basket near the sink or in the bathroom. Clients will love the soft towels to dry their hands as well as your close attention to customer satisfaction. The weave of our cotton towels is both strong enough to stretch over your work station and flexible enough to fully cover a client’s neck and clothing. Stay prepared with Now Linens and see your productivity soar!

If your business doesn't have in-house industrial laundry equipment, that's no problem. At Now Linens, we also provide quick and quality local laundering services for personally owned goods or rented items! Toss your dirty towels into a basket and let us pick them up on your schedule.

The Benefits of Buying Salon Towels in Bulk

Towels aren't just a luxury item for beauticians and barbers, they are a necessity. You need salon towels for a variety of tasks, from drying hair to cleaning up spilled chemicals. The last thing you want is to run out of towels. 

Buying high-quality wholesale salon towels ensures you have enough quality cotton towels on hand, so you never have to scramble for a last-minute solution. Here are just a few of the other benefits buying in bulk will bring your way: 

  • Budget-friendly: Whether you're a high-end salon or a budget-conscious beauty shop owner, it pays to save on salon towels. By buying in bulk, you can take advantage of low prices while still enjoying high-quality products. As part of our effort to provide the best-priced towels on the market, Now Linens will match or beat any price you find. 
  • Tons of options: Our collection of salon towels caters to the unique needs of salons, from beauty parlors to tanning studios. Plus, as a business that focuses on personal appearance, you need towels that represent your salon's style and atmosphere. We carry salon towels in a variety of sizes and colors to ensure you find the right products. 
  • Get the quantities you need: When it comes to salons, finding the right towel is just the beginning. You also need to ensure you can purchase a large number of towels for your everyday needs. With Now Linens, you'll always have more than enough lush, cotton towels. 

The Value of High-Quality Cotton Salon Towels

When you buy wholesale salon towels from us, you can be sure you are getting great quality at the most competitive rates. Our towels are budget-friendly and long-lasting, providing top value for your salon’s linen essentials. Easily coordinate your salon’s color scheme with one or a few of our cotton salon towels. Get a bunch of the same color for a sleek and professional look, or even mix and match to make things pop. Equip your employees with the resources they need to do great work and keep customers coming back.

Also, using cotton towels for wiping down surfaces or drying hands is the perfect step towards making your business more eco-friendly! Disposable paper towels and napkins can really hurt your finances, and they give your business a much less sophisticated tone. Instead of using paper towels, replace them with cotton, reusable linens! 

Embroider your salon towels with the salon name or each stylist’s initials. This will help keep inventory accounted for and will also help your stylist’s station look more specialized. Stocking up on towels will increase efficiency and you will always be prepared for those super busy days.

Get Your Wholesale Salon Towels Fast

Our goal at Now Linens is to deliver high-quality towels to your doorstep fast, so you never run out of salon towels. Not only are our prices lower than your local department store, but we ensure you get your towels as quickly as possible. 

If you need to replenish your supply of cotton salon towels, we house these quality products in ship locations in California and Chicago. We can ship orders out in only one business day from these locations. We can even provide same-day delivery if your salon is in Chicago or LA.

If you want to take our salon towels for a test drive before committing to a large order, you can. Free samples are available upon request.

Order Your Salon Towels From Now Linens Today

 Are you ready to treat your employees and customers to durable cotton towels that are soft and plush to the touch? Order your wholesale salon towels from Now Linens. Peruse our selection to find the quality and quantity you need for your boutique, barbershop or hair salon. 

At Now Linens, we carry all kinds of linens and towels. Browse our collections to find exactly what you need.

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Benefits of ordering from Now Linens

  • Excellent service 
  • Premium quality textiles
  • In-house manufacturing
  • Wholesale options
  • Fast shipping
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